Sunday, June 10, 2012

Update on Petition and Public Comment to COGCC on Shell Wells

There is still a way to comment to the COGCC on the Shell applications TODAY ONLY 6/10/12 (probably until midnight).  On 8 of the 12 total application forms, the public input shows as "waived" already, but there are still 4 that show as "active" until 6/10/12 - that is those that were incidentally "posted" later on 5/21 instead of 5/18, starting the 20-day public input clock later. Between the permits and the location assessments, there is still one open today on each well. See this blog post for how to comment. Kudos to those who have taken the time to figure it out, navigate the site and submit comments!

Did we get the additional 10-days requested in the petition? In short, no.  There was a very strong flood of response to the petition, much more than we expected. The comments were great.  If you want to read them, they are at the bottom of the "About this petition" tab on the petition.  There were over 600 signatures, roughly 75% in Colorado, and 50% of those were from Huerfano County. Thank you to all who signed and spread the word!    Nevertheless, the answer has still been "no", "no", "no", or silence, on our requests for 10 more days. We have not taken the petition down just yet, but it is looking like another public input period will come and go without any meaningful communication between the government representatives and the people -- it's not for our lack of trying!!!  

CHC Public Comments on the SWEPI APDs were submitted --- under the wire --- on 6/7 and got posted to their website by the COGCC:  

Hydrogeological Concerns in Huerfano Park:

Comments on the Shell Western Exploration and Production, Inc. (SWEPI) Fortune 4-9, Freeman 3-24, Seibert 3-8, and State 2-36 Applications for Permit to Drill, submitted by Ceal Smith on behalf of the Citizens for Huerfano County:

Substantive Review of SWEPI’s Huerfano County APDs: Fortune 4-9, State 2-36, Seibert 3-8, and Freeman 3-24:

What's next? 
  • We would like a response from the COGCC on the points we raised. 
  • People should also ask Shell:  Which of these 4 wells is the one SWEPI plans to drill this fall?  They have said they are only drilling one this year in the forum.  Is there a good reason not to inform us which one it is?  
  • We believe the county Conditional Use Permit applications from Shell have just arrived at the County Planners desk.  
  • Don't forget to vote!  The Democratic primary ballots for county commissioner are due in on June 26! See candidate Oil and Gas questionnaire on this blog, here.

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