Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pending Drilling Applicatio​n: NRG Jenny C 1 and Info on COGCC Docs


Happy Spring CHCers! While we uneasily wait for SWEPI to file their next applications for permits to drill (APDs) near Gardner, a small company called NRG Inc. has filed an APD on the Jenny C well, located near I-25, on the west side of the highway and south-south-west of the Huerfano Butte. Public comments are due by May 20.  You can read the filing, see the maps and plans on the COGCC website:

1) Go to

2) Click "Permits" link on the left and select "Huerfano County" in "All Pending Applications" and "All Pending Location Assessments".   You will see the well listed there and several different links available to click on it.

(By the way, that is also where you will see any/all SWEPI applications when they are posted, and the SWEPI Klikus La Veta well is already there under Approved.)

 The 'documents' for this Jenny well are also available directly at: and

There was previously an application at this location, but the well was not drilled, and the permit expired.  APDs expire after 2 years. It's not certain if the well will be drilled this time or not.  Here is info on the previous permit:

In keeping with CHC’s  mission to protect the health, safety, welfare and environment from the effects of oil and gas development in Huerfano County, please write and/or email the COGCC and ask that they:
(1) complete a full hydrogeology study before granting any more permits in Huerfano County,
(2) complete a full review of wildlife habitat before granting any more permits to drill in Huerfano County,
(3) complete a full health baseline before granting any more permits to drill in Huerfano County
(4) apply our Seven Safeguards (for a refresher, see as Conditions of Approval (COAs) to any permit they do grant.
Email your comment: to acting COGCC Director Thom Kerr at
Postal mail to:

Attention: Acting Director Thom Kerr
1120 Lincoln Street, Suite 801
Denver, Colorado   80203

Note:  although we have not used it yet, the COGCC seems to be offering online Public commenting during this APD process.  It is here:

and here

After going there and logging in as the default Public User, you can Click the green square under tasks to see COGCC approval tasks in progress, or click the "Comments" button under "Comments" to give this commenting functionality a trial run if you wish.

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