Sunday, June 3, 2012

CHC Petition: Don't Rush Approval of Shell Drilling in Huerfano County

CHC has launched a petition to ask Huerfano County's Local Government Designee, John Galusha, to give citizens 10 more days to review and respond to the 4 (8?) Shell Applications to Drill.  Recently, the governor's task force on oil and gas drilling in CO determined that the Local Government Designee shall serve as the link between the people and the state/industry, creating accountability and bringing the concerns of the people to the state. So far, here in Huerfano, since the filing of the 8 Shell well applications 2 weeks ago, our commissioners and LGD have, in consultation with the COGCC, denied our formal requests to step up to the task, and have now even refused to simply ask for the 10 day extension for comment which it is their responsibility to do.  We need more time to review these multiple applications in sensitive areas and raise our concerns.  The deadline is now Wednesday 6/6.  This lack of local and public voice continues to be an issue for Colorado as well as Huerfano County. 


Thanks friends!

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