Sunday, June 3, 2012

Request to LGD for 10-day Extension - May 21

May 21, 2012 -- via email and hand delivered

To: John Galusha, Huerfano County Administrator and Local Government Designee
From: Sandy Borthick, on behalf of Citizens for Huerfano County

Re: Request 10-day extension for public comment on Shell COGCC filings

As you know, Shell recently filed eight applications for permit to drill (APDs, form 2) and accompanying location assessments (form 2A) for their four sites near Gardner. We have begun to review these documents, but are concerned that we will not have time to complete our review in the usual 20-day time frame allowed by the COGCC.

On our behalf, and in your capacity as local government designee, would you kindly request the 10-day extension so that we may complete our review and file substantive questions? 

Thank you for your consideration,

Sandy Borthick
on behalf of
Citizens for Huerfano County