Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Citizens speak out at the Huerfanos Against Fracking Benefit Concert, La Veta, CO

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  1. Dear Huerfanos --
    Several important issues are going to be decided in our upcoming 2011 Huerfano County Elections. Knowing the influence that poll results can have over actual election returns; I have put together a quick online poll / survey that is designed to anonymously collect opinions about these issues.
    Below is a link to a Poll / Survey regarding Election issues. Please go to and fill it in.
    I have already made arrangements with a Newspaper to publish the results. Your participation in this 5 minute online poll could make a difference in Huerfano's future.
    To quickly complete this poll / survey, please go to my link at: and complete it. It is perfectly safe and anonymous.
    And please feel free to pass this link or email along to anyone else you know who lives in Huerfano County and has an opinion about these issues.
    Thanks! Together, we can make the difference.

    William Beverly