Monday, July 16, 2012

County Commissioners to Vote on the 4 Shell Wells - Wednesday 10AM


Please attend the Huerfano Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) on July 18, 2012
at 10:00 AM at the courthouse in Walsenburg.

This meeting is critically important because the BOCC will be deciding whether to
approve conditional use permits (CUPs) for the four Shell oil wells in the Gardner area.

There is no public hearing on these permits.

Planning Commission (P&Z) has reviewed the CUPs and has recommended the BOCC
attach the following eleven conditions of approval to each CUP: (this is draft language,
not exact)

1. A $7,500.00 performance bond per well (or a $30,000 blanket bond for all four
wells), in addition to an agreement that Shell will maintain, repair or upgrade all
the roads it uses to county standards. This includes dust mitigation on all roads,
especially roads near residences

2. All wells shall use a closed loop system

3. Any dumpsters placed on the well site shall be bear-proof

4. The weed control plan shall include lands within 750 feet of the well site and
along all roads used by Sehll for drilling or hauling operations for the life of the

5. Noise mitigation measures shall be utilized at all well sites to meet minimum
standards set forth in the current Oil and Gas Regulations

6. No produced water may be used on county roads without first meeting the Clean
Water act and be approved by the State Health Department

7. Comply with Dark Sky policy by directing lighting away from residences

8. Notification shall e given to the County if fracking is to occur and should be
approved by the County

9. Failure to comply with any of these conditions may result in revocation of the

10. Any major changes to any well shall require notification to the county and
approval by the county

11. Construction must begin within one (1) year of permit approval

CHC supports these eleven conditions, and we hope that the commissioners will take
P&Z’s recommendation to attach them to each of the permits.

See you Wednesday 10:00AM at the Courthouse.


  1. Why does this keep happening in the most amazing, peaceful and unique spots in the country? Please don't unleash this scourge on your beautiful area. It will never be the same. You will hate what happens to it. Don't let it happen.

  2. We know!!! We are trying our best! This message needs to get to our commissioners and the mineral owners here leasing their lands! Send troops! Send help! Or send info to people you know in the area to spread the word OUT and educate! Thanks!