Sunday, May 18, 2014

Empassioned 14 year old boy grills COGCC

A good friend of CHC just sent out an email with a video clip about a 14 year old boy from Boulder who challenged the COGCC, and tried to get a state-wide moratorium on fracking in Colorado - Click here to view the video.  He used data from the COGCC website, and put together quite a compelling argument.  If only more of us were this passionate and outspoken about the environmental damage being done in our backyards.  It is very clear what is going on, yet the oil & gas industry continues to put out TV ads and other propaganda about how "safe" fracking is, when it has been proven time and time again to be extremely harmful.  As discouraging as this video may appear, it is only the beginning.  Will it continue to be "more of the same" or will we, as a society begin to wake up, and demand that the democratic process be reestablished?  Please support CHC in keeping the health and environmental damage out of our communities, and restoring democracy in Colorado.

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