Monday, October 15, 2012

CSU Well Water Sampling is back!

If you have a well and are interested in having your water quality tested, take advantage of this great opportunity and program being offered to Huerfano County by the Colorado Water Institute and CSU-Extension Pueblo.

Fall 2012 Sample Collection Dates:  
October 22 - November 9. 

Be sure of your well water quality.  CWI/CSU will follow proper Colorado Oil and Gas Association sampling and chain-of-custody protocols and adhere to EPA drinking water test protocols.

Colorado State University students and staff will be in Huerfano County to collect water well samples using Colorado Oil and Gas Association (COGA) Voluntary Baseline Groundwater Quality Sampling Program protocols for three weeks in October-November. The samples will be delivered to and analyzed by ACZ laboratories, an EPA certified laboratory in Steamboat Springs.

Three tiers of test packages are available: $350/$650/$950. By participating in this county-wide program -- one of the first to be offered in Colorado -- you will be receiving a bulk discount off the usual price of these lab tests, and the sampling work is offered by CWI/CSU for free. Your personal test results will be reported only to you and will be stored securely with the Colorado Water Institute.

By appointment only – sign up and pay by October 19

Signup sheets and information are now available at the La Veta and Spanish Peaks libraries and at the Wildflower CafĂ© in Gardner. 

Questions? Call (719) 545-1845 and ask about the "Huerfano County Well Water Sampling Project".

Well Water Testing Program for Huerfano County is sponsored by the Colorado Water Institute (CWI) and CSU Extension Program. 


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  2. We have been thinking about getting a water well next to our plumbing. We need to make sure that we have water in case something cuts of the plumbing. I think an extra well would be a good resource to have.